Cuyahoga Custom Painting

Our Services



We can paint any type of siding on your home or business.
(Wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick; etc.)
We can paint many things inside of your home or business.
(Walls, trim, ceiling, basements, cabinets, furniture, mantels; etc.)

Wallpaper Removal

We use steamers to remove your wallpaper, backing and glue so that we can put a fresh (2) coats of paint on your walls.


You don't have to spend your life savings to buy new cabinets. We can restore your current cabinets with any color you'd like for a fraction of the cost!

Water Sealing

The cost to replace your sidewalks and driveway will break the bank! If you get them water sealed every year, you're protecting them against wear and tear from weather and chemicals.

Pressure Washing

With eco-friendly cleaners, we can pressure wash the dirt and grime from the exterior of your home, garage and windows to make them look fresh and clean again.1